Cyber Academy Dev Meetup Minsk

Next Cyber Academy meetup in Minsk

Date – 9 August at 19:00

Location: Kastrychnickaya 16/4 – Event Space


Дмитрий Куринский (Dmitry Kurinskiy), Fluence.one

«Building a Decentralized Data Infrastructure».

Павел Мартынов (Pavel Martynov), CEO at Steepshot

«DApps development based on EOS blockchain».

Alexander Dedkov, Blockchain Developer at Steepshot

«Launch of smart contracts and tokens release in EOS».

Александр Корзун, Chief Developer of Ditch Lib at Steepshot

«Development a client for interaction with EOS blockchain».

Participation is free by registration — https://goo.gl/T4B6ki

Live stream from meetup will be on the YouTube channel Cyber Academy https://www.youtube.com/cyberacademy — subscribe